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Rachel Tonks

Book: The Scars of you
Series: The Scars Series Book 1
Author: Rachael Tonks
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Release date: 31st Aug
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Braxton has spent six years running from his past and the memories that haunt him. The loss of the girl who owns his heart and his best friend unleashed the dark in him. Part of a world of crime and murder, Brax knows he’s reached a breaking point and something’s got to give. He has to find her. Isabelle. The girl he's loved since she saved him that fateful day when they were nothing more than just kids. The day she went away was the day he lost his heart. That was the day he became everyone's worst nightmare.   He became a monster.   He is hated, feared, and has nothing left to live for.   Isabelle has lived the last six years of her life without hope and in total isolation. Now she finds herself in the clutches of evil with no way out.   All she dreams of is to be reunited with the one boy who showed her what it means to truly be loved. Without him, she’s surrendered herself to an existence she doesn’t know how to escape.   In a moment that will change both of their lives forever, Brax comes face to face with the girl who, for six years, captured his heart. He is unable to ignore the buried desires and the hope for the future they dreamed they’d have.   Can he save the girl he once lost, or will the fight cost him more than he could ever imagine?

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Author Info:

Rachael Tonks is a contemporary romance author with a love of books, and a particular love of the romance genre. As a child Rachael could always be found with her head in a book, but it wasn’t until the beginning of 2015 when Rachael’s love of books really took over. Reading spurred on her desires to put pen to paper, and write down the story of the characters screaming for their story to be told. Starting out her career with a new adult romance novel, she has now published multiple novels, ranging from dark romance to contemporary. Rachael lives in the steely suburb of Sheffield, in the north of England with her family. She has 3 beautiful children and a crazy dog. She loves nothing more reading with a good cup of tea and is self-proclaimed chocoholic!

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Susan Horsnell

Title: Dear Diary
Author: Susan Horsnell     
Genre: Children’s
Rebecca is an eleven-year-old girl whose father has taken a job in a new town.
This means she is forced into a new school.
Shorter than most her age, and not quite as intelligent, makes her a prime target for ongoing bullying.
The only thing she can trust in, confide in, is her Diary.
A story about the real danger of bullying which every child should read.
This story is fictional but based on a true to life event.
I have written two children's books during my career.
This is my second, dedicated to my nephew who took his own life just a few weeks after he turned twelve years old.
I have five grandchildren who are subjected to bullying, a coward's way of displaying power over another and occurs at any age.
Hopefully through this book, both children and adults will learn how dangerous bullying can be. It's not something which can be dismissed as a childhood 'stage.'
My first book – Secret Beneath the House - is the story of two children left alone for the day. What they find under the house is another magical world.
I also write Best Selling/Award Winning Western Romance and Best Selling Contemporary Romance under a pen name.
I have been married for 43 years, have 2 married sons and 5 gorgeous grandchildren.
Hubby and I are retired and love to travel Australia with our caravan, our elderly Jack Russell dog – Caellagh (Kelly) and a very opinionated Cockatiel called Rocky.
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Nara Malone

Storm Runners (An Interactive Romance)
by Nara Malone
Release Date: 8/30/2017
A Pick-Your-Passion Interactive Romance
Trella gambled on hitting the big time as a singer/songwriter, vowing she’d be a star in a year. She wound up hungry, homeless, and jobless, with only a charity bus ticket to get her home. With a blizzard rolling in and planes grounded, the last bus out of town is a last chance to reach destinations for a host of strangers almost as desperate as she is.
When the storm leaves everyone stranded in a small town waiting out the blizzard, Trella takes the opportunity to turn her burgeoning fantasies into reality—and you’ll get to choose which path Trella takes to find the happy ending she desperately needs.
Will it be:
Bus line owner/driver, Greyson, who looks like he could double as the lead singer in a heavy metal band, and tempts her to explore the darker side of love.
Wounded warrior Diana, with her voice as sweet as Cajun honey, luring Trella to her with an erotic tale of southern heat on the bayou.
The two sexy gamer guys who enchant her with a VR fantasy world where two handsome knights wait to serve her every desire.
Where will love take you?
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Meet The Author
Whether it's a shapeshifter romance exploring the primal power of the wild feminine, or BDSM romance where love digs into a character's shadows, Nara believes romance should open the door and push lovers into a new dimension: sexually, emotionally, and sometimes physically. 
Nara Malone is an award winning novelist and poet. As a freelance journalist and writer, her feature profiles on women entrepreneurs and her romantic short stories have been published in newspapers, magazines, and digital publications.
Nara lives on a small farm in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains. When she's not writing, she loves to run, hike, bike, and kayak. Every story she tells incorporates her love of animals, nature, and adventure.

Devyn Dawson

Title: Fallen: The Dark Side of Good
Author: Devyn Dawson      
Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy
Editor: Skewed Editing Services
Cover Designer: Undercover Covers
From the author of The Light Tamer Trilogy, comes the duet series, The Dark Side of Good
This is a spin-off series from The Light Tamer, it is three years later and Amber is no longer a Light Tamer. Amber and Thorne have been on the run from the Council after Amber was framed for murder. The two of them join forces with rogue supernaturals and start the punk rock band, The Dark Side of Good. They travel all over the United States playing in night clubs and ampitheaters. Their bandmate, Xena, uses her gift as a witch to create a glamour to hide their real identity. Everything comes to a halt when a Shadow Warrior hunts Amber down with promises to clear her name. His one condition, she must sign a blood contract. If she is found to be guilty, he will take her life and absorb her powers. His talk of angels and higher powers intrigue her enough to sign the contract.
Will it all be too much for them? The secrets. The lies. The Fear. In the end, will it lead her to absolution, or more betrayal? - You don't need to read The Light Tamer Trilogy to enjoy this older YA duet.
I'm a lover of words. Words can create, demonstrate, hurt, cure, evoke and fill the void when nothing else can. My words, when they find their escape through my fingertips to the keyboard, they come to life. They are powerful, and from the lips they can bring joy. Always be mindful of the words you use. ~ Devyn
Devyn is the author of eleven full length novels and two novellas. Currently, she lives in Trent Woods, North Carolina, although her heart is always in her hometown of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She enjoys spending time with her little darlings (grandchildren), and reading anything she can. One of her passions is to share her love of writing with pre-teens and teenagers. Devyn visits schools in Eastern North Carolina to talk with English classes. If you would like to learn more or schedule a school visit, you can email her at
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“WATCH OUT!” I yell at Amber as an overzealous fan tries to tackle her from behind. She twists around and zaps the guy with an electric current, enough to knock him backwards. “Come on, we need to get out before another lunatic sneaks back here.”
“Okay Guardian,” Amber scowls. “You always take away my fun. You’re a fun sucker.”
I sprinkle a pinch of memory dust on the knocked-out fan to erase what happened here today. “Yeah, well, if we don’t split, someone is going to post this online. Come on, Reed and Xena already left.”
Therefore, I’m always telling everyone we can’t do meet and greets. Amber is like a giant flame, and the fans are moths. No matter what we do, we can’t seem to get the intense attraction factor to subside. Xena, our drummer, is by far the most powerful witch I’ve ever met. She walks the line between the dark arts and white magic. She provides us a glamor that changes the way we look to the world. The four of us are the only ones who can see what we really look like. When we look in a mirror we will see what the world sees. We look similar to our real selves, only our faces are shaped a bit differently, so are our bodies. Amber’s double wears Tink’s signature Marilyn Monroe piercing on her face, but Amber doesn’t.
 It never fails, we do an event, and the fans go crazy, and there’s always a guy in the crowd who proclaims his love for Tink, our name for Amber to keep her identity hidden. When we’re close to the time for our glamor to be recharged, her fae pheromones wreak havoc on the fans, making her even more irresistible. By the reaction today, we are due for a recharge.
Amber storms ahead of me, flipping her hair and her middle finger in typical Tink fashion. She must be the most aggravating ex-girlfriend I’ve ever had. When we left the supernatural testing center, she was crazier than any psycho I’ve dealt with. She was running and trying to resist the urge to drain the light from tamers. In the beginning, if I hadn’t been there to stop her, she would have left a long string of drained Light Tamers created by her. That’s how we found Xena, we were looking for an apothecary to create something to suppress Amber’s urges. She found out we were starting up a band, and she was looking for one to join. We met Reed through her, and Dark Side of Good was born.
“Come on Ace, we don’t want to keep them waiting,” Amber smirks at me. She puts on a ridiculously big pair of yellow sunglasses and climbs into the back of the black Uber we ordered.
“Damn, Tink, you have wild mojo with the fans. Good thing you have that zapping power to knock someone out. He was going to squash you,” Reed rambled as he grabbed my guitar to slide into the back row of the SUV.
It never fails to impress us how many people show up to these things, and then when people go freaky fan on us, we bail. If the Council gets wind of a band that is considered irresistible, they’ll think we’re attempting to lure people to our shows. We all want to stay under the radar as much as possible. When Amber and I left the institution two Christmases ago, I knew we were up against the world. It didn’t take long for them to put out an all-points bulletin in their newsletter and send it to everyone. They claimed it was for Amber’s own safety since no one knows exactly what she’s capable of since turning.
We hired a troll to put out the word we were in Canada. Every so often, he has someone report a sighting of us in the most remote parts of the country. So far, we have fooled them. When Hades released all the Dark Ones from the curse three years ago, that left Amber as the only one left. She isn’t really a Dark One, she is a more insane one, when she loses control. It is as if when a Light Tamer is around, she loses her mind and goes nuts. If she drains any light, be it from a Tamer or too much sun exposure, her body spews it out. The first time it happened, she had been sun bathing all day. When she came in the house, every single light bulb exploded. Amber doubled over in pain, curled up on the floor in the fetal position. Xena and I think she’s allergic to the light now. That’s why what the Council is accusing her of is ridiculous. They’re saying she drained several Tamers and they died. A bounty was set on her head and mine as an accomplice. We are being hunted by the best hunters in the world.
“I like the lunatics. They make me feel sane,” Amber states as she taps out a text to one of her admirers.
 Since we hit the road, The Dark Side of Good has been a hit on the indie circuit. We met Brennan at our first big gig. She’s been with us since that night. We hit it off like long lost siblings from the minute we met. If it weren’t for her, we wouldn’t be nearly as big with the underground industry. Xena was the last to trust Brennan and her extensive knowledge of the dark web. As an orphan elf, she was placed up for adoption with a two-human family who moved to China for six years when she was in middle-school. While in China, she got in with a bunch of computer geeks and became a gamer with incredible hacking skills.
Full-blooded elves are too protective of their children and would never place their children with a human family. No one knows who her mother was or why she placed her for adoption. From what Brennan says, it worked out great for her, she loves her adoptive parents.
Brennan schedules our gigs, appearances, and accommodations. She does most everything regarding the band, but dress us. She has mad skills at managing us, and we’re making money, hand over fist. All of us look out for her, and she does the same for us.
“Pizza will be here in ten minutes. I hope someone has some cash to tip the guy this time.” Brennan shoots Amber a dirty look. Last time we ordered food, Amber hissed at the pizza guy for forgetting red peppers.
“He was a schmuck, he forgot the peppers I ordered.”
“We’ll assume they remembered the peppers. Does anyone have tip money?” Brennan asks again.
Reed tosses a ten on the dining table. “When will we be in Albuquerque?”
 “That’s in two weeks. Speaking of New Mexico, Bren, were you able find anything as to who was attempting to break through the shimmer?” Even though I’m no longer Jessie’s Guardian, I can’t help but worry about her. She’ll always be my friend. Until people quit looking for Amber and trying to pin a bunch of crimes on her that she didn’t commit, I can’t talk to Jessie directly. Someone has killed two Light Tamers in Canada and witnesses have described Amber as the murderer. It wasn’t her. She wasn’t in Canada when it happened, and she doesn’t kill people. She’s a queen b, but she isn’t a killer. Until I figure out who is doing it, we can’t have any contact with anyone.
Last week, Brennan found some information on the dark-web that suggested Amber was running with a crew of thugs. They’re saying the thugs plan to attack Jessie and Caleb. All because they couldn’t heal me before Amber stabbed herself with the Sword of Darkness. I had been stabbed with it, and as I lay dying, the Light Tamers tried to heal me. Jessie is the Queen of Everlasting Light on the other side of the shimmer and was my charge. If a person doesn’t wake up before dawn breaks the following day, all the goodness in them is drained and they become dark. Amber took the sword and promised to spend her days dark with me. What they didn’t know was their healing did work and I woke up in the final seconds before the sun rose, but Amber couldn’t be saved. When Hades released all the Dark Ones, we hoped it would release Amber, but it didn’t. Her behavior is calmer than it was before, but there is a darkness to her that is hard to ignore.
Before we get caught as a band, and they accuse us for crimes we didn’t commit, we put Brennan in charge of clearing Amber. “No, but I’m going to a gaming-con. There’s talk that X2O will be there. He has hunters who work for him who are the best in the world. They won’t work for the Council because they think they’re behind some of the framing that goes on in the supernatural world. If I can get X2O to help us, we can get a lot of mysteries surrounding the Tamers solved.”
Amber tosses a tennis ball across the room. “Don’t ya’ll think that all the snooping around you do will get us caught? If this fancy X2O person is out and about, how are you so sure he isn’t a double-agent? What we have going for us is working, so leave it be.”
“Tink, wouldn’t you like to clear your name so you can at least see your own family?” I’ve had this argument with her so many times I can almost write a screenplay with our dialogue.
“Whatever! You won’t listen to me, anyway. Snoop around, Bren, hire all the X2O people you want. I. Don’t. Care. Anymore!”
Xena’s arms flail in the air. “Can we get a mic drop in isle one? Mic drop in isle one.”
“Jeez, is it everyone’s cycle or something?” Reed complains. “Damn drama crap is going on every time you bring up this Jessie-bitch you talk about. It pisses Tink off, which pisses Xena off, and ultimately, Brennan will get pissed because, well, she’s a chick and they all get pissed off.”
I pick up the tennis ball and chuck it at him, but he knows it’s coming and ducks. “Puss.”
We both laugh.

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Cover Reveal
Title: Watching
Author: J.L. Ostle
Cover Designer: Kathryn Jacoby
Release Date: September 6, 2017
This is an erotica story that contains subject matter that may trigger sensitive readers. All characters are adults and all interactions are consensual also involving f/f and f/f/m. Please enjoy with an open mind.
It was meant to be research, help my writer's block but it soon became my addiction...
My life was boring and normal until one girl turned my world upside down, making me crave something that is hard to fulfill.
A fetish that helps give me an exploding release.
Going on nights out, I look for those with an open mind, who want that thrill in the bedroom.
But no emotions can be involved.
And I have one rule... I don't let the guy inside me.
Besides, sex changes things.
I kept this rule until one couple from a dating app made it hard for me to say no, bringing me into a world of lust, want and need.
They want me to join their fantasies, to help them fulfill their desires, but the longer I spend with them, the more I start to get attached.
Already breaking my own rules.
Especially my main one.
I try and stay strong, but every look and every touch, I can feel myself breaking down.
J.L. Ostle was born in Antrim, Northern Ireland, now living in Carlisle, England. J.L. Ostle is a full time mother looking after her cute, active little boy. When she she hasn't got her head stuck in a book or writing, she's watching movies, or doing activities with her friends and their children.
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Jackson Kane

Billion Dollar Urge by Jackson Kane

Genre: A Billionaire Romance Publication Date: August 29, 2017 BUY NOW (FREE ON KU) AMAZON add-to-goodreads-button
Myles I've broken every rule except the three I live by- Never kiss on the mouth. Never spend the night. And NEVER... Well a playboy never tells. If she's not careful it won't just be those rules, and her bed I break. I'll break her heart too. All she was ever supposed to be was a hook up. To keep Nicole now I'll have to risk my family's billion dollar company and a prison sentence. The game is out of control. But I will make her mine.
Nicole All I ever wanted was to be the first in my family to graduate college. And to pay my New York rent. When my one night stand turns out to be the sex-crazed, Billionaire Myles Quill I'm suddenly invited to the world's most exclusive party. The catch? I have to go as his fiance. Five thousand dollars and absolutely no sex. At least I wont have to worry about rent for a while. It's just one more night. That's not so tough, right? I just won't think about how his ice cold blue eyes make my body shiver, and his flaming tongue makes my blood boil. It's going to be a long, hard night. If we survive the night and the surprise pregnancy test doesn't destroy us, a dark secret from my past definitely will...


Jackson Kane

Jackson Kane is a professional stuntman, athlete, romance author, and above all else, a hopeless romantic. From American Ninja Warrior, to some of your favorite films, Jackson brings a unique writing style forged from countless harrowing adventures. He’s a lover of travel, his fans, his romance author peers, dulce de leche, and all things beautifully weird and interesting. He invites you to relax, have a whiskey sour and let him thrill and excite you in a way no other author can. Jackson will show you what the world looks like through the eyes of a genuine Bad Boy. Come with him, and read dangerously.

Rosalind Abel


Donovan Carlisle helps countless people in Lavender Shores with his skills as a therapist. It seems, however, that his ability to enable others to live their happiest life only works outside of himself. Donovan truly loves his life, but isn’t able to find a relationship that satisfies his heart’s craving. Maybe the problem is that the only man he wants is off-limits. 
Spencer Epstein came to Lavender Shores to find himself. Instead, he married one of the local town beauties. He’d thought his prayers had finally been answered. Then, he met his pregnant fiancée’s brother. It turned out those answered prayers were just cruel twists of fate. 
A decade later, after a divorce and the crumbling of all Spencer thought was set in stone, he sees his brother-in-law at a masquerade sex party. He takes full advantage of the anonymity and acts on the desires he’s held at bay all those years. The problem is, those silent and frenzied moments didn’t satiate anything. The fire and heat between the two men only grows as secrets are uncovered and they must determine if the cost of their passion is too high...

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Publication date: August 25th, 2017
Cover Artist: AngstyG



Two minutes in and I needed to leave. I’d had a ton of fun two years ago, but tonight I wasn’t in the mood for a sex party. No matter how festive.
“I always figured Elle Woods was a top, but seriously? A bottom coming dressed up as Billy Elliot? Cliché much?” Paulie nudged my arm with his elbow, nearly causing me to spill my drink. “The use of the dog leash is pretty creative, though. Well, not creative, but fun. Definitely fun.”
I followed his gaze and found the pair through the wall of windows in the living room. A man in a tutu was bent over the patio table as Elle Woods fucked him from behind, every once in a while giving a tug on the dog leash wrapped around his neck. I narrowed my eyes, trying to make sense of the fuzzy brown thing bashing into Billy Elliot’s leg between thrusts. “Oh my God, is that a stuffed dog?”
Paulie giggled. “Bruiser Woods.”
“Excuse me?” I spared a glance but couldn’t keep my gaze away from the fornicating couple for too long. Maybe if I were in the right mood, the scene would be hot. But I wasn’t, and the two men playing dress-up felt like a freak show. Although, I was just as dressed up as they were. Kinda.
Bruiser Woods. Elle’s Chihuahua.” Paulie huffed. “Are you kidding me? You’re a therapist for gay men and you don’t know your Legally Blonde characters? Obviously your clients aren’t aware of your deficiency, or they’d never pay whatever ridiculous hourly rate you charge.”
“Not all my clients are gay men, and I don’t….” I started to move away from the doorjamb I’d been leaning on when Billy Elliot’s face blossomed from red to deep purple. “Paulie, I think you might have a problem.” At that moment, Elle unwrapped the dog leash from Billy’s neck and swatted his ass. I watched for a second longer as Billy’s skin returned to a human color. I turned back to Paulie. “You sure this is a clean party? The sun’s not even down yet, and things are getting a bit carried away.”
He shrugged, seemingly unconcerned. “I should kick those two out. It’s only polite not to fuck outside until night, and they didn’t follow the costume rules. Neither of them even attempted a mash-up.” He winked. “But no drugs, rest assured. Only poppers and alcohol, my friend. I only play clean, rules of my house. However, I do have a tray of magic brownies hidden in the pantry, for my inner circle only. Of which, you are most definitely a part.”
“No, I’m good. Thanks.” I shook my head, gave a final glance at Elle and Billy, and sipped my piña colada, the straw catching on my wolf snout prosthetic. I studied Paulie. I loved the guy, and it had been a long time since we’d gotten to catch up. “Speaking of not following rules. Neither are you. You’re not even from a musical.”
Paulie sucked in a breath. “Cinderella is a musical, you bitch.” He placed his wineglass on the bookcase next to him and spun around, hiking the countless yards of fabric of his ball gown around his waist, revealing his bare ass, which he shook in my direction as he grinned over his shoulder. “I had to special order this lion tail butt plug. My musical mash-up is subtle.” He dropped his skirt and lifted his chin in a truly princess manner.
“Oh, yeah. Subtlety has always been your trademark.” I grimaced. “And dear God, I hope my niece and nephews don’t ask to watch The Lion King anytime soon. I’m pretty sure Simba is ruined for me forever.”
“You’re no fun.” Paulie zigzagged his finger over my body. “I wasn’t going to mention it, considering I love you, but what is this getup you’re wearing? And don’t think I don’t know you chose the wolf face just so no one would know who you are.”
I didn’t even consider trying to deny it. Chances were low I’d run into someone I knew from Lavender Shores at my friend’s private party in his San Francisco mansion, but I wasn’t going to take the risk. Therapists were like preachers—people wanted to believe we were above such base desires. Even if I was a single gay man. Even if it was the beginning of Pride weekend. “I’m the wolf from Into the Woods.” I straightened my leather jacket. “And Danny Zuko from Grease.”
“Oh, sweet mother Patti LuPone. Grease? Why am I not surprised?” Paulie snatched my drink and placed it by his wine and began tugging off my jacket. I’d learned years ago to not fight him. “It’s bad enough that I had to stock pineapple juice for your ridiculous piña colada addiction, I refuse to have you pull a John Travolta. At least a boring one.” He yanked the sleeves off my arms. “Take off that ridiculous white T-shirt.”
“No, Paulie. I’m not going to stay. This was a mistake. Maybe next year.” I reached for my jacket.
He held it away, but the teasing had left his tone. “Donovan. I haven’t seen you in months. You can’t leave. You’re the one here who’s known me the longest.”
“Trying to tell me I’m old?” I attempted levity.
“No, darling. If you’re old, I’m old.” He cocked a brow and pointed at my salt-and-pepper hair with his free hand. “Though one of us is quickly qualifying as a silver fox.” He grinned. “Which goes well with the wolf face, come to think of it.” He leveled his gaze at me. “Take off the damn shirt.”
I took it off, stretching out the neck, avoiding my wolf snout. It was pointless to argue with Paulie, I wasn’t even sure why I tried.
He snatched it away, but gave me my jacket, which I put back on. “No matter what the gray might say, that body of yours could belong to a thirty-year-old.” Paulie ran a hand over my chest and down my stomach. “How is it you still don’t have a belly?” His gaze met mine, and there was a spark of longing.
If I didn’t know him so well, I wouldn’t have seen it. Maybe it was because we’d dated eons ago. Maybe it was my therapist abilities, but I saw it. And it stung. I also knew when he realized I’d noticed.
Paulie glanced over my shoulder, his gaze unfocused for a moment, then his eyes went wide. “Holy mother Patti LuPone indeed! I’ve found the man who’s going to take home my lion’s tail!”
Relieved to have his attention captured, I turned to see the poor guy who had no idea what he was in for. I spotted him instantly, though my shock made me take longer than it should’ve to turn back around. Connor Clark was a mountain of a man. Gorgeous, covered in equal measure with muscles and tattoos. Even though his face was painted green, he was easily discernible. Probably feeling my stare, he glanced my way. His eyes narrowed, he paused, checking out my body, then lifted his hazel eyes to mine again.
I whirled around and nearly hissed. “I thought you said no one from Lavender Shores was going to be here.”
Paulie still studied Connor. “That gorgeous hunk of meat is from Lavender Shores?”
“Yeah. And another member of a founding family.”
He rolled his eyes. “I swear that place is a cult with all its founding family bullshit.” His gaze traveled away, and I assumed he was watching Connor walk across the room. Thank God he wasn’t coming toward us. “I don’t know him, but I’m glad someone brought him. Now, I’m going to hunt that green-faced Elphaba down, see if he can’t help me hit the high note.”
I gripped Paulie’s arm, stopping him in his tracks. “Don’t you dare. I don’t need anyone from Lavender Shores knowing I’m here right now.”
Paulie grimaced. “You know, you’re a little self-absorbed for being a therapist. Trust me, darling, I don’t plan on bringing you up while I get into that man’s pants. And don’t worry, that stupid wolf face makes you unrecognizable. Even I wouldn’t have known it was you if you weren’t drinking a piña colada and had stick-in-the-mud written all over you.” He kissed my cheek, smacked my ass, and took off to hunt his man.
After a few moments pretending to study the titles in the bookcase, I retrieved my drink from beside Paulie’s abandoned wine, and slowly turned around. Not seeing Paulie or Connor anywhere, I relaxed a bit. I spared a glance toward the lavish backyard. Elle and Elliot had vacated the area, thank God.
Despite the previously fucking couple and Paulie’s pursuit of Connor, the masquerade had yet to turn into true bathhouse quality. It was part of the reason I enjoyed attending the annual Pride kickoff party once in a while. On one hand, it was everything I stood against. Paulie’s crowd was the A-list of San Francisco gays’ A-list, but that very quality provided some safety. Lavender Shores, even if it was A-list, was a different monster entirely. And despite Connor’s presence, the two rarely crossed. And even by San Francisco standards, the guests were gay men of status. Lawyers, judges, politicians, actors, the Richie Riches of the city. Men who liked to get down and dirty just like the rest of us but held fast to the “walls never talk” rule. This was a safe place to play and still be professional the next day.
I sipped my piña colada and indulged my natural state of being; I observed. While Lavender Shores didn’t lack for cash, even its largest homes had a cozy charm to them. Not here. Paulie’s mansion was decked in gold, marble, fur, and museum-quality art. And nearly all the costumed yet half-naked men walking around, lounging on the expensive furniture, and pressing each other up against linen wallpaper, were just as exclusive. Not all had perfect bodies, but each was primped, plucked, and pampered. And like every party I’d attended, most were unrecognizable behind masks and costumes.
This could’ve been my life. Twenty years ago, I thought Paulie and I were going to be together forever. But Lavender Shores had called. Or at least a few of the people in it. And I’d been growing increasingly uncomfortable with Paulie’s and my open relationship. I didn’t have a problem with open relationships, in theory. However, as I watched the beautiful men filling Paulie’s house, the idea of one appealed to me even less than it had all those years before.
But I was single. So very, very single. And the last time I’d had sex…. I started to think back and realized just how long it had been. Whoa. I’d be lucky if I could even remember what went where.
I should take the opportunity. It would be my only chance during Pride. I had to be back in Lavender Shores for the next two days. And I didn’t sleep around at home. Ever.
The idea left me feeling lonely. I couldn’t even pinpoint why. Maybe the thought of what could’ve been with Paulie all these years… no. No, that train of thought didn’t go to happy places. Who knew why? Some therapist I was. Couldn’t even determine the source of my own emotions. But I knew enough that I should listen to them.
With a sigh, I left my spot by the bookcase, paused to grab Paulie’s wine, and took the glasses to the bar in the ballroom. Yeah, ballroom. Something the homes in Lavender Shores definitely didn’t have. I’d made the right decision moving home after Paulie. Even if I didn’t feel like it at this very moment.
I considered trying to find Paulie before I left. He’d carried off my T-shirt. But if he’d convinced Connor to free him of his lion’s tail, then I needed to stay away. I could zip up my jacket and be fine. Hell, I could stop by a Target on my way home and pick up a shirt if I was that worried about it.
Actually, that wasn’t a half-bad idea. I’d had a couple drinks. I could take a cab to purchase a shirt and by the time I was back, I’d be more than fine to make the hour drive back to Lavender Shores.
I was in the process of zipping up my jacket and had almost made it to the front door when a man stepped in my path and put his hand on my chest. A white Phantom of the Opera mask covered half his face. The other side was striped with tan, white, and black makeup and fur. Cat ears protruded from his dark brown hair. Phantom of the Opera and Cats. He was a walking Andrew Lloyd Webber wet dream. This was the man Paulie should be with. They were his favorite musicals. I hated everything Webber did.
My brain told my body to step around him. I was heading home. Well, I was going to sober up and head home. My body didn’t listen. And I was pretty sure the Phantom-Cat man’s body was to blame. Or maybe it was the cat portion, as I could swear he was giving off pheromones. Whatever was happening chemically was helped along by the sight of him. He wore a long black cape and black pants, but in between? Solid muscle, tan skin, completely hairless. Primped and plucked and pampered—and in this case, obviously waxed clean. Though I typically liked a man with a hairy chest like my own, there was something about the hidden face combined with the suit pants and the cape framing his body that made the smooth skin intoxicating.
Or maybe it was the touch of his hand on my chest.
It had been so long since I’d been touched. Though Paulie had put his hand to my chest in a similar way only minutes before, this was different. There was heat in this man’s touch... desire. And force. There wasn’t a request as he pushed against me with one hand and used his other to roam over my stomach muscles. It was a demand.
Following his lead without even thinking, I stepped backward until I hit the wall of the foyer. We were the only two people in the entrance, and I glanced out the oval glass of the front door. Dusk was falling, and I had no doubt that with the lighting of the house, we were completely visible from the street. The high-walled backyard was one thing, but a street show?
My hesitation was cut off as the man gripped both sides of my jacket, pulled it over my shoulders and down to my elbows, trapping my arms at my sides. Simultaneously, he lowered his head and captured my left nipple between his teeth, causing me to hiss. Then he released it and ran his tongue over my chest and up my neck.
Any chance I’d had at protesting vanished, not that there’d been a chance at all. I went slack against the wall, panting instantly.
His tongue trailed over my jawline, his breath hot against my skin. Hands roaming over my chest and stomach battled to pull my attention away from what his lips were doing. The heat between us nearly radiated. Every inch of my skin was on fire. My cock achingly full in my pants. My brain fuzzier than anything the rum was responsible for. He pulled away slightly, and I thought he was going to kiss me. Wanted him to kiss me.
I swear he wanted the same thing, but he jerked away, then returned to my neck. The wolf prosthetic. Damn it. I’d forgotten. I started to reach up to rip it off my face, no longer caring if I was recognized, but my range of motion was limited by my jacket. I tried to jerk an arm free, but the man began fumbling with my belt and all thought of kissing the stranger flitted away. I let my head fall back against the wall and closed my eyes.
His hands were unsteady and he had to use both to unfasten my belt.
That lack of contact was enough to let my brain clear for a moment. I was leaving. I needed to leave. I remembered that much. Though I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why.
His hands were back on me, but they didn’t feel right. The contact lost the heat it had mere moments before.
I looked down. Not his hands. Another man had joined us, one of his hands moving over my chest, the other stroking his erection. I shook my head, starting to protest, but I didn’t have the chance. The first man let go of my belt and lightly pushed the newcomer’s hands off me and shook his head.
“Come on, dude. Suck both of us off at the same time.” The man waggled his erection.
I glanced down at the sound of the man’s voice. There was something familiar. Or maybe just a tone or tenor that called to me.
“It’s a sex party, asshole. Have some fun.” The other man reached out to touch me again, and I shook my head, still not able to move my arm.
“No. He said no.” I hadn’t really meant to say that. I’d meant to say no, but no to both of them. Just a no. But again, my body wasn’t following any of my brain’s directions.
“Lame.” The man took a step back. “I’m still going to watch.”
I didn’t care. It was enough that he’d stopped touching me. I focused on the man on his knees. He didn’t look at me. “Keep going.”
Without waiting, he unzipped my pants, pulled them down mid-thigh and then did the same with my underwear, trapping my legs as securely as my arms. I thought I heard him exhale a breath that sounded like awe at the sight of my cock, but his reaction was cut off as he engulfed my dick in his mouth.
I let out a startled cry.
“Fuck yeah, dude. Take his big dick.”
I glared at the other man, having already forgotten he was there. Maybe I should’ve been thankful for him. Without his annoying presence, I probably would’ve orgasmed the second the blowjob began.
The onlooker was eclipsed once more by the man at my feet, who began to bob up and down on my cock, running his tongue up my shaft, around my head, and then swallowing once more.
“Holy shit, yes.” God, it had been so long. Despite the distraction, I wasn’t going to last long. I adjusted so I could move my arm a bit and reached out, palming the man’s head, accidentally smashing one of the cat ears. I couldn’t feel where his glued-on cat fur ended and his hair began.
It didn’t matter, I held the back of his head as I began to thrust, fucking his face.
The man watching us continued to groan, making louder noises than either of us, and I was vaguely aware that he was jerking off.
I didn’t care. I looked down, watching my cock move in and out of those beautiful lips. I wasn’t going to last no matter how much I wanted to. Shit, I so didn’t want this to be over. I warned him, as much as I didn’t want to do that either. “I’m about to come.”
Blue eyes met mine for the first time, and I saw recognition. He looked away before I could place him and increased his speed on my dick, making it clear he wanted my load.
The building orgasm captured me completely, taking away every thought. Of those blue eyes, of any melancholy Paulie had brought with him, of the man crying out his own orgasm a few feet away. I held the back of the man’s head still and tight against me as I thrust into his mouth. One time, then another. Then with a cry, I came. The orgasm surging through me with enough force that I released the man’s head, and would’ve crashed to the floor if I hadn’t already been pinned to the wall.
The man’s throat constricted around my cock, and then he choked. Poor guy probably hadn’t counted on such a pent-up load. He attempted to take my cock deeper once more, but choked again and pulled off my dick. He sputtered, and sucked in a panting breath. He lifted an arm and wiped at the mess I’d made over his mouth. At the motion, his cape slid over his shoulder, and my heart shuddered to a stop at the sight of the ugly tattoo on his shoulder blade.
“God, that was fucking hot.” The observer sounded nearly as out of breath as I was.
“And you’d better clean up the mess you made over my hardwood floor, Clint.” Paulie’s voice cut into the scene, startling me. His tone turned playful. “And look at you, Wolfy Danny Zuko. Guess you’re not such a stick-in-the-mud after all.”
The man at my feet scrambled to a standing position, his cape back in place, though he still wiped at his mouth. I tried to meet his gaze, but he wouldn’t look at me.
“I’ll clean it up. Just let me take care of this guy’s cock first.” The third man, Clint, it seemed, took a step forward.
The Opera-Cat man flinched away.
No. Not Opera-Cat man. Spencer.
I should’ve realized at the sight of his blue eyes. I’d been too caught up in the moment. But that tattoo had made things all too clear.
Spencer shook his head and darted into the other room.
“Hey, come back, dude!”
“God, Clint, could you sound more desperate?” Paulie’s mocking tone brought the attention back to him.
Clint glared. “What’s the point of me wearing a mask if you’re going to announce my name, Paulie? For fuck’s sake.” He stepped over his load on the floor. “Clean it up yourself. I’m gonna go find that Phantom guy.” He followed Spencer.
“Did he…? What the fuck…?” Paulie stared after him, openmouthed. He glanced at me. “Glad you got your rocks off, sweetie. You needed it. But you’ll have to excuse me. I have a bitch to kill.” He followed the same path Spencer and Clint had taken.
I stared out the window to the street, so overcome with emotions that none of them could get a solid hold.
Finally, panic settled in.
Fuck. What the fuck had I just done?
I hadn’t known. Hadn’t realized.
Suddenly I remembered I was still standing there, pants around my knees, cock, now completely soft and attempting to hide in shame, out there for the world to see. I yanked up my pants and didn’t even bother with the belt before I rushed through the front door.
My car. I needed to find my car and get the hell outta there.
In the back of my mind, a warning went off about the two piña coladas. I ignored it. I was sober.
I could’ve had ten drinks and been clear as a bell.
But then again, I supposed that made sense. Realizing your sister’s husband had just given you a blowjob was enough to scare anyone back to sobriety.

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The Palisade
Book 1 in The Lavender Shores series.



Confident businessman Joel Rhodes sees the small California town of Lavender Shores as nothing more than a business transaction and a final stepping-stone to the position he’s been working towards his entire life. It was supposed to be nothing more than one night in town to close the deal, and sleeping with one of the local men, no matter how gorgeous, meant nothing more than a few hours of fun.
Andrew Kelly is perfectly content with the life he has in his hometown. So much so, that the only thing missing is someone to share it with. Going to bed with a tourist was never meant to be the answer to his dreams, just a beautiful distraction. He could get back to looking for Mr. Right the next day.
Both Andrew and Joel’s worlds are turned upside down when a few hours of pleasure gets extended to a couple of days. Even that shouldn’t be a big deal. You can’t fall in love in such a short time, that isn’t how it works. However, if destinies collide, a few short days may be all it takes to find your soul mate. Even so, when secrets and motivations get tangled, destiny may do nothing more than leave two hearts in pieces.

The Garden
Book 2 in The Lavender Shore Series

Beautiful Gilbert Bryant designs jewelry for the rich and famous, and he made his escape from his gossipy little hometown of Lavender Shores. However, with so many friends and family, he keeps getting pulled back. When he attends his best friend’s engagement party, Gilbert can’t help but sample one of the new men in town. It’s just some innocent—or not so innocent—fun. Nothing that will even cross his mind once he gets back to his everyday life.
Walden Thompson dreamed about living in Lavender Shores since he visited as a child. He finally gets his chance, and he embraces the opportunity to start over, to become someone new. He leaves both hurts and dangerous habits in the past, where they belong. When Gilbert crosses his path, Walden gives in to his baser instincts. He can indulge in the carnal pleasures this once and still be okay.
Their few hours together haunt Gilbert, the two-hundred-mile buffer from home no longer shutting out the past or the sexy man he left behind. Walden is just beginning to recover from the smoldering encounter with Gilbert when they are thrust together once more. This time, neither of them can walk away, no matter how hard they try. But when their pasts crash into each other as surely as the magnetism that pulls them together, walking away may be the only option.



Rosalind Abel grew up tending chickens alongside her sweet and faithful Chow, Lord Elgin. While her fantasy of writing novels was born during her teen years, she never would have dreamed she’d one day publish steamy romances about gorgeous men. However, sometimes life turns out better than planned.
In between crafting scorching sex scenes and helping her men find their soul mates, Rosalind enjoys cooking, collecting toys, and making the best damn scrapbooks in the world (this claim hasn’t been proven, but she’s willing to put good money on it).
She adores MM Romance, the power it has to sweep the reader away into worlds filled with passion, steam, and love. Rosalind also enjoys her collection of plot bunnies and welcomes new fuzzy ones into her home all the time, so feel free to send any adorable ones her way.


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