Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Betty Page

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A Romantic Obsession Novel Box Set
Author Betty Page

Holy shit he’s my boss’s son. I am sooo fired. I interrupt him before
he can finish, trying to excuse my behavior. For sure I will be “canned” as the term goes.
“Sir, forgive me I had no idea.” I suddenly became a blubbering idiot.
“Believe me, the fault lies with my father. He takes privacy to a whole new level. It is great to see that he is well protected.” He winked.
“May I offer you a drink or coffee? Let me escort you to Mr. Reese’s office. I’m sure he’ll be pleased you’re here.” I turned to walk him down the hall but Sebastian stood stock still in my way.
“No need, carry on Miss…”
“V, Vanessa” I stammered.
“Pleased to make your acquaintance. Call me Bash.” He shook my hand turning on his heels, retreating to his father’s office.
“Yes of course, I apologize once again for my behavior.”
Oh boy! This is going to be the worst day yet.
Mr. Reese summoned me to his office. Nervous. Scared. Shocked. My face flushed from embarrassment. All eyes turned to me as I made my way into the office.
“Hey there again. Don’t need to look so nervous.” The same gorgeous eyes locked gazes with me.
“We’ll be working closely from now on. My father is retiring. You’re looking at the new head of Reese Finance Corp. Honestly, I never thought I’d say those words.”
This is only the beginning of a relationship bound to be doomed before it began. His eyes said it all and his body, well, let’s just say responded like any Alpha male would.
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