Monday, August 15, 2016

Skye Maddox

 Ascendance: The Pyramid Dommes Series 2
Author: Skye Maddox
Release Blitz August 15 – August 30

Alyssia continues her challenges as manager of The Pyramid Club. A known establishment among elite clientele and her second home. She's made her mark in the business world and often referred to as "Boss". That serving title didn't come easy and Julio Santiago only adds to the challenge. Alyssia time is consumed by boyfriend even when she dominates him in the bedroom. This is the only place Julio renders control and Alyssia calls the shots. The two are pulled apart by the struggles that endanger the same people they love. Can Alyssia finally ascend into her power throne or will Julio turn the tables causing Alyssia to slam the breaks on their fast track relationship.

Skye is a Texas chick living in a great big world, laughing and having fun. She is married to her best friend and loves chasing after her fur baby. Skye lives in Texas and loves finding new places to venture to and won’t pass up a great vacation spot either.
She’s an avid reader and when not reading she is writing wonderful love stories. Her take on dominant/submissive stories come with a bit of a twist. She brings light, the power in the dominant being a female. She believes it’s a woman’s world even in the bedroom.

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