Monday, May 23, 2016

Kenzie Macallan


Marabella Luccenzo’s sisters are whisking her away to Mexico as a distraction from her recent tragedy. Her husband died under odd circumstances that left her with more questions than answers. Slowly over the years she created a barrier to protect herself from the pain and hide the secret. The landslide into her truth only starts with one pebble as she confides in her sisters.

MacGregor Creighton "Mac", a rogue Scotsman, shines light on the cold dark existence behind Mara’s wall. He's usually a hit-and-run kind of guy with women. But Mara has him second-guessing his ways. Mac has a few secrets of his own that may destroy what he wants with Mara.

Both their worlds are shattered when Mara gets kidnapped. In her fight to stay alive, she makes some discoveries about herself and Mac.

Will she choose to finally remove the blindfold to find her strength, evolving from victim to fighter?
Can Mac get to her before the kidnapper kills her after he gets what he wants?

Teaser 1:
She had affected him on every level, in every way, with her words, smile and body. He couldn't stay still, torn between keeping his distance and wanting to show her exactly how he wanted her. He didn't do dating. No strings attached, friends with benefits, always the safest bet. Obviously, Marabella wasn't that type of woman and his pull toward her scared the hell out of him. All bets were off.

Teaser 2:
As her thigh rested between his legs, she could feel his excitement. She smiled to herself and decided to get a little daring. Hearing a groan come from him, a wicked grin spread across her face.
“Did you say something?” she looked up using her most innocent voice batting her eyelashes.
“Woman, you know exactly what you’re doing. Don’t play innocent with me.” Mac had a stern but playful look in his eyes.

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