Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Betty Page

Broken Angel
Betty Page


The struggle is real, this time, for Vanessa Kinsley. Not only is she fighting to save herself from the clutches of evil she's got two precious lives to think about. Her once real life fairy tale has been shattered and surviving a dark nightmare literally knocking on her doorstep will test her limits.

You are the light in my life, the light in the tunnel that leads to you.

You are the light in my heart that belongs to you.

I promise to protect you, love you, and treasure you always.

You are the light in my tunnel that led me to you.

Love Sebastian.

An epic journey pumped full of drama, passion and obsession.

“Bash I've thought of nothing all day but what the lawyer said this morning. The horror is still too fresh. I still wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night. My nightmares don’t go away it’s more like they stick around to forever haunt me. Most of my scars have physically healed. I still have to a long way to go for the sake of my unborn twins. It's only been a month since you saved me. Saved us I should say.”
Bash laid his hand on my shoulder lightly squeezing. I turned to see his tear stricken face and his misty blue eyes looking back at me. He looked even more torn up about it all. This whole time he’s been the one to keep my head afloat and I selfishly took everything he offered and gave me. Not once did I stop to consider how tasking this would all fall on his shoulders. Now the guilt started to hit me hard.
“I'm sorry I didn't get there sooner. I'm sorry about everything you went through. I don't understand how you are not furious with me. I let you down and I truly am sorry. I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you. Treasuring you.” The large tears streamed down his cheeks.
“Angry? You are the one who came after me. You are the one who didn't give up on me. I am thankful not angry.” I swallowed the lump stuck in my throat.
We continued with dinner after opening up with each other. He talked about his days back at work. I took this as a good opening to tell him I needed to return to work. The Reese men refused to allow me to resume my daily activities at the office. I've had enough coddling. I wanted, no, I needed to get back to normalcy.

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Betty was born and raised in Texas where she still lives with her high school sweetheart. She spends her time, when not writing, with her three daughters and her furry fellows. Betty has been a long loving avid reader and released her first novel in 2015. She loves the outdoors and shopping, every girl's dream right? Her one guilty pleasure is chocolate and can never have enough. You may always catch up with her on several social media sites as well as her team of Scarlet ladies who help share and explore Betty's writing journey.
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