Saturday, November 14, 2015

N. Nieto

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Dispirited Heart (Unforeseen Secrets 2) By N. NIeto 


When Sandra looks at her best friend Mandy and her fiancé Josh she sees all she ever wanted. She wishes she had that. She wants true love. With her 30th birthday quickly approaching she is certain it will never happen for her. Is she destined to be the crazy cat lady and be forever alone? When she finds herself getting unwanted attention from a stranger in a night club everything changes.. Will he turn out to be her one true love or her one true regret...

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Author Bio:

N. Nieto was born and raised in Alabama. She is happily married with three children, who she is also raising in Alabama along with her husband. Family is very important to her. She is in the PTO at her son's school where she also attended as a child.
She enjoys reading, writing and getting lost in all the different worlds that books provide. Her first book Resurrected Secrets started with a dream, literally a dream. When she woke up she had to get it all on paper. Her hopes were to find an author that would be willing to write a book about it for her. After talking to several authors she was encouraged by her cousin and fellow author to write it herself. So she did and that's how N. Nieto became a writer. Now that she has started there is no stopping her. She is just as addicted to writing as she is reading!

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