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The Betrayal Series

 The Betrayal Series


Vanessa Kinsley had the greatest opportunity to remain employed at Reese Finance Corporation after an internship right out of college. She remained steadfast engaged in her work and became an asset to the company in just a short time. Little did she know her life would become utterly complicated. Her lonely nights, were one too many and she decided to take that leap and find her own Alpha male. What girl didn't want her happily ever after? Andrew Jacobs, fills his father's seat on the board of members at the firm setting his eyes on Vanessa. Lust, passion and the makings of what could be a great beginning to a long relationship stir between the two. Yet, there is a darkness present and threatens to ruin it all for Vanessa but not until after she's enraptured in a love triangle with two billionaires. This is not a love triangle cliche, what seems to be isn't always what it is. Must read to fall in and out of love with a great story filled with drama, thrills, twists and turns.


Tainted: An Ultimate Betrayal (Book 1 The Betrayal Series)

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Conflicted: An Intimate Betrayal
Book 2 The Betrayal Series
The story isn't over and if you've read Tainted you know there is a lot more to come. Vanessa is finally gaining some normalcy in her life. Sebastian Reese has made sure she is well cared for and loved. Though he would rather whisk her away and permanently bind the two together his real love shows as he steps down from his Alpha male high to allow her to decide what she truly wants and needs in her life. Vanessa now finds herself contemplating life with her billionaire finance mogul who already loves her unconditionally as well as her unborn twins. The darkness threatening her happiness is gone. She longs to love Jacob once more and sees how wrong that is. Why is she in another man's arms while she carries her ex's unborn twins? Will he really love her in the end? The many what-if's trouble her mind. Yet, the real trouble is on her very doorstep.


Betty Vie is an Indie Author writing contemporary romance. She's an avid reader of all types of books. She loves to write a strong Alpha male in as one of her characters, but making him step down to Beta is what has everyone swooning over her love story. She believes this trait is what makes a sexy and drool worthy Alpha in the end. Her books are full of love, lust, passion, drama and thrills. These are definitely one to have on the shelves.

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