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Indelible Lust - Indelible Lust Series

Ariel Storm
Are Two Men Better than One?
Thank you for hosting me today. I’m Ariel Storm and I’m a fairly new erotic romance author. I enjoy exploring the darker side to passion by writing about BDSM and paranormal romance. Sometimes, like in the instance of #TheIndelibleSeries, I’m lucky enough to combine the two.
Few things are hotter than a ménage. Passion doesn’t get more intense than when all three members of the ménage are into each other. Romance doesn’t get any darker than the forbidden love stories between a human and a vampire.  Indelible Lust encompasses all of these aspects.
 Indelible Lust is book one in #TheIndelibleSeries, in this story, readers will get to know the sexy and powerful vampire Lilah. She’s an empathic vampire, meaning she feeds off of human energy, pain and emotions rather than blood. To ensure she maintains an endless supply of the life source energy she constantly surrounds herself with humans in pain and complex emotional situations.
 Lilah is a tattoo artist and she moonlights (pardon the pun) as a Dominatrix. For 200 years she’s been able to extract people’s energy and move on, but all that’s about to change, thanks to one man and his intense energy.
Ryan is beautiful, shy, sexy and wonderfully conflicted. His intense emotional energy draws Lilah to him while at the same time threatens to overtake her, and it’s that complex intensity, that undeniable pull, that releases something primal inside Lilah.
There’s nothing more dangerous than a vampire acting on her primal instincts. Add in the fact that Ryan is not only attracted to Lilah, but he also lusts after someone else, a man who Lilah scenes with.
Jeremiah is the smoldering bad boy who is down to do anything and anyone—even when that someone is the man his vampire Domme wants to claim for her own. Jeremiah’s a D/s switch, but with Lilah, he’s always a sub, Lilah doesn’t back down from her Alpha status for anyone. Ryan is the sub they both want, and he in turn, wants them both. As a true sub, he holds all the power in their complex sexual triangle.
Lilah learns that two men might be better than one, and it’s the sexiest lesson in her 200 years of existence.
When we walked over the threshold as a unit, Ryan gasped. I watched as he glanced, mouth slightly agape at the machinery and props lining the walls and atop the surface of the furniture in the room. On a chest of drawers along the right wall were dildos lined up from mediocre in length and girth to gargantuan. In the center of the room was a raised platform. It couldn’t really be described as a bed as it wasn’t really soft. Jeremiah had thrown a thin cushion over the hard square so it provided a modicum of comfort for his subs. There were short posts on the four corners with thick leather straps attached. Ryan looked to Jeremiah first, then to me. He leaned forward in a move to kiss me. Utilizing my vampire reflexes, I deflected his advance and caught his wrist in my hand.
“Uh-uh, baby. You’re standing between two well-seasoned Doms. Nothing has changed since we left the living room. You touching one of us without being told? That’s not the game we’re playing tonight. Understand?”
He nodded his response.
I let go of his wrist and reached up to smooth a strand of hair from his forehead. Even as I spoke the gentle words of warning and stroked him, I almost couldn’t believe my own actions. Under normal circumstances, I’d have commanded my slave into a position of physical submission and would’ve given him a verbal dressing down. Then I’d have forced him into some sort of humiliation, just to make sure he didn’t forget who had the upper hand.
Ryan was far from my ordinary slave and he evoked unusual responses within me. His face was beautiful in its exquisite display of turmoil, but it was more than the physical that affected me. The juxtaposition of his inner torture and eagerness to please pulled at something primal within. He drew me to him unlike any other human had ever done in my two hundred years.
Even though we were in his home, Jeremiah deferred to me. He knew I didn’t sub for anyone and that in threesome, foursome—and moresome—situations he had to submit. If I wasn’t the alpha, the sex wasn’t happening. It was as simple as that. Our eyes connected and I gave a slight incline of my head toward the swing. I took them both by the hand and walked backward toward the hanging apparatus.

Indelible Lust is out now and is available at
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About the Author
Ariel Storm believes that fantasies are meant to be explored, on the pages of her manuscripts, and beyond. She writes erotic romance readers can sink their teeth into, covering everything from contemporary BDSM to paranormal. Ariel fell in love with all things paranormal, magical and mystical at a young age. Her obsession with the dark, dangerous and forbidden began in her teen years as a way to rebel against her strict religious upbringing.
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